Industry Sectors
  • Retail Service
  • Consumer Goods
  • Internet
  • High Technology
  • Automotive
  • New Energy
  • Life Sciences
  • Finance

    Product / Design
    Apparel product VP, apparel product planning director, shoe product director, apparel product planning manager, etc.

    Clothing/shoe creative director, clothing/shoe design director, clothing/shoe chief designer, accessories design director, pattern senior designer, etc.

    Brand director, brand manager, marketing director, marketing manager, CMO, etc.
    National / Regional Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager, Regional Manager, Expansion Director, Display Manager, Retail Support Manager, Retail Training Manager, etc.

    E-commerce director, E-commerce operation manager, Tmall operation manager, E-commerce product manager, E-commerce design manager, etc.

    Production / Supply Chain / Logistics
    Purchasing director/manager, production manager (meat, hot pot base, net vegetables, etc.), lean production management manager
    Supply chain director/manager, logistics manager


    E-commerce director, O2O manager, crowd operation manager, platform operation manager, data analysis manager, data promotion manager, etc.

    Marketing director/manager, brand manager, market insight manager, media director, media buying manager, brand marketing manager

    E-commerce marketing manager, digital marketing manager, e-commerce brand manager, e-commerce marketing manager, membership operation manager, etc.

    Sales and Sales Support

    National Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Development Manager, Sales Operation Manager, Marketing Manager, Group Buying Manager, Sales Training Manager

    Supply Chain, Manufacturing
    Plant manager, production manager, purchasing director/manager, quality director/manager, EHS manager, R&D manager, supply chain manager, engineering manager, logistics manager, lean manager


    Strategic operation, user operation, community operation, commercialization strategy operation, investment operation, live operation, talent operation, e-commerce operation, pendant operation, product operation, industry local operation, overseas local operation, etc.

    Product director/manager, e-commerce products, data center products, risk control products, SaaS products, advertising products, user growth products, etc.

    R&D VP/director/manager, back-end architect, front-end architect, back-end development, front-end development, mobile development, artificial intelligence, test manager/engineer, system operation and maintenance architect/engineer, UI/UE/UX design, etc.
    Big data architect, data scientist, data mining/modeling, database management, data analysis, information security, etc.

    R&D Engineering
    R&D director, R&D manager, process engineering manager, module product manager, coating manager, etc.
    Image algorithm director, audio algorithm engineer, PE supervisor, architect, embedded software engineer, project manager, etc.

    Robotics chief engineer/director, hardware requirement analysis product manager, algorithm leader, PDT manager, camera system expert, certification expert (functional safety direction)

    Manufacturing Supply Chain
    Manufacturing General Manager, Global Quality Director, Purchasing Director, Operations Manager, Quality Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Supervisor, Lean Specialist, etc.
    SQE, PMC, complexity manager, manufacturing engineer, etc.

    Marketing and Sales
    Asia Communication Head, national/regional sales director, key account director, sales planning manager, CRM senior manager, etc.

    R&D Technology
    Director of three electric vehicles, intelligent cabin experts, data network connection experts, electronic control system development experts, charging system development experts, fuel cell experts, etc.

    Project director, model development platform director, open and closed parts expert, thermal management technology expert, general arrangement expert, digital simulation expert, etc.

    Manufacturing Supply Chain
    Plant general manager, procurement director, lean expert, operation director, quality manager, project manager, process manager, etc.
    Chip procurement experts, battery procurement experts, electronic and electrical SQE experts, logistics planning managers, storage and transportation technology experts, logistics product managers, etc.

    Marketing Market
    National/regional sales director, distributor network director, key account director, sales plan manager, direct store manager, etc.
    Senior Manager of Asia Pacific PR, Asia Communication Head, Senior Manager of Branding, Senior Manager of CRM

    Li-ion battery material development (cathode material engineer, electrolyte material engineer, etc.), cell platform development (cell structure design engineer, cell chemistry design engineer
    Core development director engineer, core development engineer), test development platform (test development platform engineer (core, system))
    Customer test certification engineer (domestic, overseas, product certification)

    Performance test lab engineer/supervisor, test development platform manager (core, system), test operation platform manager, simulation engineer

    Supply chain management manager, SQE manager, system manager, quality manager, overseas after-sales manager, domestic after-sales manager

    Product Center
    Energy storage product manager, energy storage system engineer, core product manager, system product manager

    Manufacturing Center
    Pre-process equipment maintenance engineer/supervisor/manager, equipment electrical manager, pre-process process manager

    New Drug Development Production
    Preclinical development VP, pharmacology VP/director, pharmacology and toxicology director, CSO, scientist, CMC, PK/PD, translational medicine, etc.

    Plant Manager, Production Manager, Quality Director/Manager, EHS Manager, Supply Chain Manager, etc.

    Clinical Medicine, Registration
    CMO, VP, Medical Director, MSLM, MAM, MA, MSL

    Clinical Operations Program Director, Project Manager, PV Director, PV Manager, Registry Director, Registry Manager, etc.

    Sales and Sales Support

    National/Regional Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, KA Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Training Manager, etc.

    Marketing Brand
    Marketing director/manager, product manager, brand manager, regional product manager, market research manager, digital marketing manager, SFE, etc.

    Business management posts

    President of financial company, general manager of bancassurance department, general manager of personal insurance department, general manager of branch, head of innovative business

    Investment management posts
    Chief investment officer, medical/technology investment director, general manager of asset management department, fund manager, general manager of portfolio management department, head of fixed income department
    General Manager of Strategic Operations, Director of Strategic Investment

    Middle and back office management posts
    Actuarial risk control: Chief actuary, chief risk officer, compliance officer, product actuarial director, risk strategy officer
    Operation and Finance: Secretary of the Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Audit Officer
    HR back office: HRGM, HRD, recruitment director, senior manager of compensation and performance