Link-U Development History

Founding team of global Fortune 500 executives, more than 20 years of industry precipitation,

Provided services to more than 300 foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and China's top 100 private enterprises.

  • In 2022

    Guangzhou Tianhe office established
  • In 2021

    Guangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan move into new offices Business grows 56% CAGR
  • In 2020

    Suzhou office officially opened
  • In 2019

    Continued expansion of Guangzhou office
  • In 2018

    Continued expansion in Xiamen, Wuhan and Chengdu

  • In 2017

    July 2017 Link-U Guangzhou officially operates
    August 2017 Link-U Xiamen established
    September 2017 Link-U Wuhan established
    October 2017 Attended the 1st Bay Area Economic Forum
    November 2017 Hosted the 14th "China Human Capital Conference" Link-U's three major businesses and services made a grand appearance

  • In 2015

    The founding team decides to incorporate Link-U on the train from Brussels to Antwerp

Our Vision

Link-U work,Enhance U world

Our Mission

Better Work Better Life

Our Values

Link-U work,Enhance U world